The Ultimate Guide To Styling Our Sloane Lounge/ Dining Set!

The Ultimate Guide To Styling Our Sloane Lounge/ Dining Set!

Our NEW Sloane Lounge and Dining Set has just come in stock! It's a good seller because it has a rise and fall table, thick flat rattan, rich cushions with a bench and a foot stool. With a high back sofa that can fit up to 7 people, this luxurious piece is so dreamy and surely would make a statement in your garden! In this blog post, I will be discussing the different ways you can style this stunning set or give you ideas to decorate our other rattan sets!

Firstly, with a cozy set like our Sloane set, a perfect complimentary would be fairy lights around the rise and fall table or around the set itself if it's in the corner of your garden and you can clip them up. Fairy lights are wonderful to have in the evenings when you've finished eating with your family and enjoying the sunset together and the fairy lights add a touch of magic for the children, sets the cozy atmosphere.

When the rise and fall table is lifted up into a dining table, a great way to style it is using plate mats in whatever colour/ design of your choice and have them laid out on the table ready for you to take your meal outside. Opt for waterproof plate mats just in case you forget to bring them in when it's raining!

Or with the rise and fall table is lifted down to a coffee table, coasters will be your best friend! It saves the cleaning up of coffee on the tempered glass so you can enjoy a cup of [insert drink of choice] 

The best colours that would go with our Sloane set are Emerald green, summery yellow, black, grey, white, baby pink, any colour really goes with it but these would be my top recommendations. It also depends on the aesthetic of your garden initially as you may be following a specific colour scheme etc.

Flowers make a huge statement in your garden, whether they are real or not, in a vase or planted, it's essential! Having real or fake flowers in a vase in the centre of your Sloane set will really give it a welcoming appearance!

Of course, we cannot forget about the free parasol you would get with this set if you choose to have one. Having a free parasol next to your Sloane set gives you some shade when you've had enough of the sun but don't want to move. We have your back! 

Another great piece of decor you could add to your Sloane set would be a couple of lanterns varying at different sizes sat around the set with either real candles in or fake ones that turn on and that would look amazing from a far! AND also in the evening when the fairy lights and the lanterns are turned on and it's starting to go dark, it would look super cozy in your back garden! Just imagine this in your garden, you wouldn't ever go back inside!

And last by not least, our Anastasia Hanging Chair that is also a new set, pricing at £299 whilst it's on our summer sale. Our Anastasia Hanging Chair is like sitting on a cloud, perfect for relaxing in the evening and all the cushions are weather resistant. Having this Anastasia Hanging Chair next to your Sloane set would be the finishing touch if you ask me! Have the best of both worlds sitting in both sets and enjoying your evening with whoever you might be spending it with!

Thank you for reading this far into the blog :) I hope you enjoyed reading, any feedback is welcome and any other blog ideas are also welcome! I hope that this guide of different ways to style your Sloane set has inspired and given you ideas for your own garden and of course, if you want to view our products, it is at SHOP LUXURY RATTAN on this website. Follow us on social media! @luxuryrattandirect for Instagram and Facebook and @directrattan for Twitter for more pictures of our beautiful rattan pieces and be sure to ask any questions on our social media platforms, we will answer as soon as possible! Take care and we will look forward to hear from you!

Ellie Birchall

Ellie Birchall