10 Ways Our Rattan Furniture Will Improve Your Garden!

10 Ways Our Rattan Furniture Will Improve Your Garden!

Here at Luxury Rattan Direct, we sell all kinds of rattan furniture sets to suit your garden needs :) At competitive prices and we plan to expand our business further through the coming years! With that said, here are ten reasons why our rattan garden furniture is perfect for the garden of your dreams and how it will improve your garden!

1) PE Rattan

At Luxury Rattan Direct, we sell PE Rattan for all of our products. PE means Polyethylene, which also means that the furniture is weather resistant to all kinds of weather. Whether that be in the hot rays of sunshine or the rainy/ snowy days, our rattan furniture will stand strong though all kinds of weather so ultimately, you don't need to worry about storing it away or it getting damaged.

2) We have different sets to choose from!

It's not just rattan furniture we sell, we sell different sets of rattan furniture! There's so much to choose from and it is all in the showroom! We have a variety of lounge sets, rise and fall tables, dining sets, arm chairs, hanging chairs, day beds, sun loungers, whatever you want we have! Whatever will fit your garden we have plenty of adjustable sets, covers, bottle sets and all with amazing quality rattan. But that's not all! Rattan is a weaved design essentially but at Luxury Rattan Direct, we have different weaved rattan to make your garden perfect! We have half-round rattan where the rattan is bumpy and has texture to it, we have flat rattan which is flat and more tightly held together, we have thick rattan, wicker weaved rattan and in many colors. Don't believe us? Well come look for yourself in our showroom based in Bamber Bridge!

3) Rattan furniture originates from Ancient Egypt.

Rattan was first discovered with buried pharaohs in ancient Egypt, they used it for baskets, furniture, plates etc. Centuries later, the rattan furniture was brought to the west and then eventually across the whole globe and people recreated the Egyptians creation. Rattan furniture was so valued that in the 1960's and 70's, there was a huge captivation of rattan furniture and people had it everywhere in their house! Rattan furniture still lives on today and businesses like ours take pride in our rattan furniture and sell it to customers that share the same appreciation. 

4) From a growing family business.

Luxury Rattan Direct was founded by Donna and Colin Lynch who are the CEO of this business and have had it selling successfully for just over a year! With Charlotte who is the daughter, is in charge of the marketing side along with Ellie who also helps with the marketing and is a sales associate towards the customers. We are growing everyday as a business, eager to make as many customers happy as possible. We take so much pride in our rattan furniture, making sure it is up to the very best quality of rattan, making sure it gets to you within three to five working days with free delivery and we love to meet and make relationships with our customers because it is more than just selling rattan furniture.

5) Easily stored.

Most of our products are fully assembled but there are some flat packed furniture but it is not difficult to put together. The majority of our products are easily stored and easily adjustable - we have things like rise and fall tables, a cube dining set, a bottle set that is positioned on top of each other so it looks like a bottle! Come and see for yourself in the showroom! We have all the variety for you!

6) Free delivery, up to three to five working days.

Yes you heard that right! Luxury Rattan Direct offer free delivery to the whole of the UK AND up to three to five working days! We have your dream rattan furniture and will also have to you before you can even say the word rattan! 

7) Spend over £1000 and get a FREE parasol.

Lift that jaw back up! You can't get any better than this! Spend over £1000 on our rattan furniture and we will throw in a free parasol to shade yourself from this British heatwave we have had! Enjoy the best of both worlds relaxing in the sun on your rattan furniture and then also having a parasol to hide you from the sun, the choice is yours.

8) We take in consideration of your feedback.

Our customers are very dear to us and we will take upon any feedback any customer may have. As we are a growing, family business, we are welcoming in any feedback for our products and anything you would recommend. Your thoughts and opinions are heard! We want to be the best rattan furniture business that we can be and our customers play a profound part in that as we want to make our customers happy and satisfied with our products. To have the perfect rattan furniture for you in the garden, leaving you happy and satisfied with your purchase, that is our aim!

9) Immense durability.

Our rattan furniture has exceedingly well durable rattan that will last you up to 10-15 years. Of course if looked after well, it will endure through all the memories with family and friends out in the garden! Our rattan furniture is not just for the summer! It's durable in all seasons! Whether you want to use the sets to enjoy a family party outside, or a meal outside in the sun or, even enjoying a bonfire at night sat with our rattan furniture.

10) There's a summer sale on!

Oh it just got better! We are holding a summer sale through the month of August with all of our rattan furniture products! So exciting! Luxury rattan furniture at a discounted price! Everything is better when it is discounted, browse over the SHOP LUXURY RATTAN section to view all the discounted prices!

These are ten ways that our rattan furniture will change up your garden, a happy garden means a happy mind! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and we hope to see you soon in our showroom! Any questions, we have Facebook and Instagram or if you want to talk to us over the phone, check out the contact section on our website for all the details. Luxuriate your garden during our summer sale!

Ellie Birchall

Ellie Birchall