10 Stylish Throws and Pillows For Outdoor Grey Furniture.

10 Stylish Throws and Pillows For Outdoor Grey Furniture.

In this blog post, I will be guiding you through styling grey outdoor rattan whether that be our rattan sets or others. I will be suggesting ideas of colours for throws and cushions to add to your outdoor set but more in particularly, what goes best with our different grey rattan furniture sets and then let your imagination go wild with it! Of course, if you have any styling suggestions for our sets or in general grey rattan sets then please drop a message via our social media accounts @luxuryrattandirect for Facebook and Instagram or via email info@luxuryrattandirect.co.uk.

Grey is an easy colour, it will go with almost anything, but there is an art to it especially if this new grey furniture set is going to be apart of your home and garden. Grey also goes with most themes unless you directly don't want anything to do with grey in your garden! However in this instance, grey is the theme we are going for and we need to find some colours that will go with it. Here at Luxury Rattan Direct, we don't just sell grey rattan, we sell different tones of grey in different textures of rattan to maximize the luxury garden of your dreams!

Dark grey colours for rattan furniture surely do like to make a statement in the garden, you have to decide firstly whether you are wanting to go with a dark colour furniture? You do? Great! Colours that go with dark grey rattan are mainly lighter colours to contrast with the darker base to essentially compliment each other. Colours such as light pinks, light greens, maybe even whites! It all depends on your preference and the theme you are wanting to go for in your garden. Maybe having pink cushions and a white throw to have on your outdoor set and bring them in every so often to avoid colour fading in the sun.

We also sell a handful of mixed grey rattan sets such as The Colinas, The Sorrento, The Riviera, The Continental, The San Fernando and The Amalfi. With a mixed grey, it is suitably versatile in the sense that both lighter and darker colours would go well with mixed grey sets, a lot more colours would be fitting to it because it has different accents of grey in the rattan which means that it could go well with more tones of colours. I would suggest colours like pale yellow, dark green, bright yellow, bright pink, maybe even brown (both light and dark) Let your inner interior designer out!

Lastly, we do sell light grey rattan sets and you will come across other light grey sets as well. This one can be a tricky one if you just chuck on any colour hoping to match it but that's not always the case with light colours. Good colours that would go with light grey would be a contrast in dark colours, for example light grey furniture with black cushions and a white throw blanket. Or, maybe even dark red rich cushions and plate mats to match. It really just depends on what colour scheme/ theme you are going for but here are some ideas. Another good style for light grey rattan furniture is patterns. Any kind of pattern on a pillow or a blanket to hang over your rattan set would definitely give the delicate looking set a statement in the garden! Take our Santa Dona Sun Lounger for example, our sun lounger is light grey and we have paired it in the showroom with the UK flag to compliment it more efficiently. 

And that's it! I hope you have enjoyed reading through this blog post and I hope it has given you some ideas on how to style grey furniture. And if you are looking for grey furniture for your garden, come visit our showroom as majority of our sets are different kinds of greys so definitely check it out! See you next time :)

Ellie Birchall